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Email newsletters and promotions have replaced direct mail pieces for many businesses, primarily because of the speed, efficiency, and high return on investment that online marketing can provide. SendinBlue is a leading solution for businesses that are interested in independently managing their email and SMS marketing campaigns, along with sending transactional messages.
Suitable for businesses in every industry, SendinBlue has integrated tools for building responsive newsletters, transactional emails and SMS messaging into a unified platform. Transactional messages enable businesses to send purchase confirmations, password resets, and other non-commercial messages to their clients.

What is SendinBlue Email?

SendinBlue is working to democratize the world of email marketing, one client at a time. With the web-based platform, businesses can create campaigns, manage contact lists, and send emails to the subscribers on their custom contact lists. After those messages have been sent, SendinBlue provides its users with clear graphs, reports, and statistics that they can then use to track the results of their online marketing campaigns.
Advanced features enable businesses to schedule when their messages should be sent and segment contacts based on custom filters. SendinBlue also provides businesses with customizable subscription forms that they can integrate into their websites to encourage more customers to sign up to receive their marketing messages.
SendinBlue differentiates itself competitors in the industry by offering a reseller platform for agencies, along with multi-language options. Pricing is another area where SendinBlue stands apart, given that the solution is significantly less expensive than many competing platforms. SendinBlue’s self-serve approach enables users to affordably send marketing emails on their own, without relying on agencies or industry “experts.”

Who is SendinBlue Email For?

SendinBlue offers self-serve tools that are suitable for businesses of all sizes. The vendor works with clients with subscriber lists that range in size from 100 contacts all the way to 1 million+.
Some of SendinBlue’s most well known clients include Rakuten and BMW. Although SendinBlue is most frequently used by marketing professionals, the self-serve system is straightforward enough that it can be utilized by any member of a company’s team.

Building Email & SMS Campaigns

Build an email marketing campaign using SendinBlue’s email creation tools. Drag and drop features enable you to edit text, content, forms, and pictures until you’re happy with the completed look. You can achieve maximum personalization by styling your emails using SendinBlue’s Creation Tools.
Upload custom images from the image gallery to embed in your emails. You can save your emails to continue working on the design at a later time, or save yourself some time by relying on SendinBlue’s templates to get the job done quickly.

Running Campaign Reports

Once your email campaign has been sent, view SendinBlue’s Reports to track the results of your efforts. After you’ve chosen the campaign you’re most interested in learning more about, SendinBlue will provide you with all the relevant data, including interaction histories and statistics for each subscriber on your list.
Within each of your reports, you’ll see a breakdown of the number of views, unique views, clicks, unique clicks, unsubscribe requests, and bounces that occurred as a result of your mailing. You can see what percentage of recipients marked your message as spam, and see a list of which readers viewed your message in its entirety. You can then download your report onto your desktop, or share it with colleagues online using SendinBlue’s sharing tools.

Viewing Real-Time Statistics

For a more high-level view of your email campaigns, click on the Statistics tab. Campaign statistics allow you to follow campaign results in real-time. Not only can you see the overall results of your email marketing campaigns, but you can also view those results by ISP. SendinBlue even lets you build your own tracking statistics with custom metrics.
Filter the statistics that SendinBlue provides by date range. Rather than limiting results based on campaigns, the Statistics page limits results by date. For example, you can see the open rate, click rate, and un-subscription rate for messages sent in April and May. You can also drill down to see more detailed analytics, both for email and SMS campaigns.

Sending Transactional Messages

Transactional messages can be sent via SMS or email, and they frequently include things like purchase confirmations, password resets, and other non-commercial information. SendinBlue offers a number of advanced deliverability and tracking tools through its transactional service. For example, the platform supports automatically blacklisting contacts that result in hard-bounces to keep contact lists as healthy as possible.
View the results of your transactional messages through SendinBlue’s dashboard, keeping a close eye on the total number of SMS messages being sent per second, minute, or hour. Detailed analytics show exactly how many SMS subscribers have replied to or rejected the transactional messages your company has sent in the past month, compared to the total number of messages that have been sent and received.

SendinBlue Email Integrations

SendinBlue integrates with many other applications, including PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and Wordpress. Plugins are also available for Prestashop, Magento, and Wordpress.

SendinBlue Email Pricing

Pricing for SendinBlue is deceptively simple. Users pay based on the number of emails that they send in a month. The company also offers a free plan for users who send fewer than 9,000 emails per month.

SendinBlue Email Bottom Line

  • Enables companies to send email and SMS messages to subscribers.
  • Self-service marketing solution.
  • Equally suitable for beginners and advanced users.
  • Built for businesses of all sizes.
  • Detailed reports track the results of online campaigns.   
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